GeoElement LLC

Typical Efforts

Appraisal / Acquisition / Disposition Support

  • Environmental reserve identification such as stream buffers, owls, and other critical habitat
  • Net acre calculations in identifying net availble harvest acres
  • Slope acres to determine logging methods ulitmately affecting extraction costs i.e. raster analysis
  • Property maps for property inspections and review

Timber Cruise Support

  • Plot casts accurately targeting number of acres per plot
  • High volume map production for field crews
  • Orientation maps in the form of property wide maps for cruiser navigation
  • Ongoing cruise support during project execution

Inventory Support

  • Harvest depletion in GIS during schuduled update cycles
  • Topology verification in order to confirm all layers are clean and valid
  • Environmental variable updates post harvest - recalculating net acres, precip, elevation, etc.

Data Creation and Cleanup

  • Timber typing linework correction - performed work across the US.
  • Road cleanup and classification including linear referencing
  • Topological cleanup
  • Overall database cleanup and standardization