More advanced topics and work:

Primarily C# tools for ArcMap
Additionally, javascript, python, model builder, MVC (know enough to get things to move)

Bump Mapping

This ArcMap dockable window enables on-the-fly iterations of bump sizes and mixes so the results are visible as they are built. This tool is inspired by the bump map toolbox found on ESRI's website.

Linear Referencing

This dockable window facilitates the management of routes and event tables.

  • Flips routes and updates or holds static event placements
  • Cascades route changes throughout associated event tables
  • Adds or deletes routes and events
  • Includes a route measure tool used to get measure distances for event entry
Demo of a C# tile program that cuts up ArcGIS maps into tiles compatible with the google maps storage system.
Tile example
Working on it...